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Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance

Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance


What some of our Associate Teachers say ABOUT US 

"CLTA is a very supportive programme for trainee teachers. Even through Covid, there was always someone available for advice and support. The training provided was excellent, and I got a lot from it. I was given lots of resources for every subject, so feel very well-equipped for my new venture as a Primary School Teacher." Sam Shimmin 

"I am glad I chose CLTA to train with, especially given this year and the COVID19 pandemic. I am very grateful to have still received outstanding training even during this time and appreciate the massive effort that went in to this. The team are very supportive I would highly recommend!" Alicia Hunter

"CLTA was perfect for me, the training provided was brilliant and the support from staff was fantastic and it made me feel at ease straight away. I would recommend CLTA to people who are considering getting into teaching because you are able to have a lot of time in school which is amazing for development and progression and then you are provided with training which consolidates this learning." Holly Wetherall

"School Direct is an intense and challenging course but if you want a career in teaching, I think it is the best course to prepare you for the profession.

The amount of time spent in school through this course builds your confidence and develops your understanding of how a school works, children progress and teachers plan and assess.

Even days when you are just observing, supporting or listening to conversations, you gain a great amount of knowledge from the outstanding teachers you are surrounded by on a daily basis.

It has been a hard and quick year but also an extremely rewarding and enjoyable year and I feel prepared for the next step thanks to all the support I have received." Lora Mealyou

"Working as a teaching assistant it was my headteacher who encouraged me to apply to CLTA, and I am so glad I did. I have received fantastic support from day 1 and despite all the challenges of the year the training has been excellent, and I feel so much more confident being in a classroom now." Lindsey Esling

"School Direct training will help you achieve your dreams. You will be trained and guided through your initial teacher training by inspiring teachers, who share your passion and most importantly, understand how much resilience, hard work and determination is needed throughout the year. You will discover yourself, whilst building relationships with associate teachers and supportive mentors. “CLTA are so fortunate to work with mentors who are happy to offer guidance and reassurance whenever needed. But for me, the most valuable memories which I will never forget, are with the children I have been able to teach, engage with and nurture throughout the year. School centred training allows you to be creative, take risks and learn from the children, the best mentors of all. It is to them who I will always be truly thankful". Anna Comish

"Although challenging, juggling family commitments, university assignments and teaching, it is incredibly rewarding. Every day I left with a smile on my face!

The training is diverse. I was fortunate to experience three very different schools: all superb in their own specialisms. Each challenging me to reflect on my own philosophy of teaching.

By forcing myself to work outside my comfort zone, I constantly challenged myself, treating development points as missed opportunities, always reflecting on what I could have done better.

The mentors were great letting you critically analyse your own performance and providing practical tips to help you improve and constantly grow in your role." Tracy Manfredi

“Twelve months ago embarking on a change of career was a huge risk that, thanks to CLTA, has proved to be the best career decision I have made. Whilst completing the School Direct training with CLTA has proved to be challenging it has also been hugely rewarding. I have received excellent training with subject specialists in a variety of areas along with opportunities to experience different learning environments and work with outstanding teachers. CLTA and their partner schools provide supportive placements that help to motivate and encourage students through what is a demanding process. These opportunities have helped me to look towards my NQT year with confidence knowing I have had the best possible start to my teaching career”. Caroline Willis

“I have had an enjoyable year on the school direct course. Balancing teaching with university work has certainly been challenging at times but it has set me up well for the next year ahead. I have experienced the yearly cycle of school, developed professional relationships and worked alongside outstanding members of staff. I have been encouraged to take risks that have pushed me out of my comfort zone but resulted in opening my eyes to an innovative way of teaching. The opportunities provided in the CLTA Alliance have provided me with skills, knowledge and organisation required to fulfil my role as a teacher. It has been a motivating and reflective course providing me with a vast amount of experience that will certainly be put to good use when teaching my own class.”Sarah Knowles

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