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Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance

Cheshire Leadership and Teaching Alliance

Developing Leadership & Expertise in Primary Languages Part 2

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This event will take place between 1:00pm and 4:00pm on 29/04/2021

Having attended Day 1 of our course Developing Leadership & Expertise in Primary Languages, you will have learnt the fundamentals of what it takes to become an effective Subject Leader. Whether you have achieved the goals you set in your action plan and need more inspiration, or need advice to move MFL forward in your school, this half day follow up session ensures you come away with your next steps in leading the subject in your Primary School.

Session to include:
> Review your progress in Primary Languages Leadership and decide on your long term action plan with guidance from our experts.

> Creative Teaching & Learning - making languages sparkle.

> Embracing diversity in your classroom and beyond.

> Optimising Primary Languages in your school. Incorporating languages into your class daily routine and establishing a whole school ethos to languages.

After the course delegates will have access to online follow up support with guided tasks helping them to optimise what they have learnt on the courses and sustain their role as a successful leader of Primary Languages in their school.

Venue: Remote session

Cost: £75