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Cheshire Leadership and Teaching School Alliance

Cheshire Leadership and Teaching School Alliance

Chris Trevor's Practical Primary Geography and History KS1

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This event will take place between 9:00am and 4:00pm on 20/01/2021.

Discover what makes quality teaching of Geography and History by exploring how to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum through practical creative methods which will engage children in interactive methods which can be adopted and adapted for either Year 1 or 2 and different KS1 themes, whilst ensuring progression and challenge for all, in line with the current focus for a broad and balanced curriculum, which develops knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

We will look at how to develop the skills of KS1 geographers and historians with progression, through practical ways to develop enquiry and questioning in both subjects. Early map work and fieldwork ideas will be covered in engaging ways to ensure good practice in Geography early in the child’s education. Suggestions for handling artefacts and a range of KS1 appropriate sources of historical information will be explored to develop knowledge of the changes within living memory and global, national and local events of significance. Ways to develop early historical skills of interpretation and enquiry will be shared.

There will be a bespoke element to the course, so delegates will be able to state which N.C. themes in KS1 they would like practical ideas for.

This course will:

• Present practical ways to encourage up to date teaching and learning of geography through the soles of your feet together with a “hands on” approach to History, to building knowledge, with suggestions of how to evidence these in children’s work books.

• Inspire you how to achieve an engaging approach to the teaching of Geography and History through the use of a variety of maps, the local area and a range of historical sources and geographical websites.  There will be a short learning outside the classroom and fieldwork activity.

• Unpick the National Curriculum requirements in History and Geography for KS1, to fully understand how to ensure coverage of the statutory requirements with progression and challenge for all.

• Provide the opportunity to explore resources to support you in the teaching of Geography and History in line with current demands which still is engaging for the KS1 learners. 

Cost: £120

Delivered remotely by Chris Trevor  or the venue will be Kelsall Primary School, Flat Lane, CW6 0PU